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Added Value


These services greatly enhance the present and future ability of the site administrator to manage and control the wiring and the network.  They also provide the final touch of professionalism from our company to your.


     Project Management      Computer Design Drawings
          -Full Site Coordination with Vendors           -Topology (Road) Maps    
          -Oversees all Products Chosen           -Tree Structure Trouble Shooting Maps
          -Responsibility for Meeting Deadlines           -Wide Area Network Wiring Structure
            -Floor Location Layouts
            -HUB and Riser Diagrams
     Realistic Cable Testing      Protection Plans, Automatic
          -Cable Characteristic Measurements           -Manufacturer's Warranty on Components
          -Written Documentation for Cable          
          -1 Year Warranty on Cable Labor
          -Site Specific Transmission Testing           -1 Year Warranty on Installed Cables
     Protection Plans, Optional  
          -Annual Wiring Preventive Maintenance  
          -Annual Wiring Certification  
          -Monthly LAN Error and Status Reports  
          -Monthly Backbone Frequency Plots  
          -PC/LAN Product Maintenance  

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